Ages 2-3-4 years   –   Sessions: 1 per week on Saturdays – 11AM-12 noon

Run, jump, roll and slide – always with the ball at your feet. Enjoy!

The Dinomites Youth Developmental Program is unique in Singapore and was developed to provide families of young children with a fun, safe, memorable soccer experience. Exclusively delivered in Singapore by Academy Junior Football Club, Primi-Calci Dinomites is the first introduction to the ball in Football and is an educationally-validated program designed to provide an age appropriate family soccer experience for 2, 3 and 4 year old children. It is for those who cannot wait until their 5th birthday to get started, as they already have a leaning towards soccer.


Primi-Calci Dinomites

The program’s curriculum has been professionally designed to be interactive, fun, and imaginative in the eyes of your toddler and Pre-K children. All of the technical coaching points are disguised behind fun games, stories and play, so the children are learning in their natural environment.

The course will vary fun, short, light activities to keep children focused, with fun games to promote foot-eye coordination, listening skills, running control, balance, teamwork, following directions and much, much more.  The Dinomites Program is built around the introduction and development of the specific core motor skills required to play the game. And it appeals to children who love the ball, love playing football with their friends and can’t wait to be a Champion!

It is important to understand that young players coming to any sport usually do not do so by their own choice. Unlike many adults who play the game, young kids generally do not feel that running around with 20 other kids chasing 1 kid with a ball is fun. And we agree. As a result, we have to give them something to get excited about. And we believe that the Dinomites program delivers just this….TONS OF FUN!

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