Ages 14-16 years  –   Sessions: at least 3 per week

The Pre-Professional player is one who will have emerged from our Advanced Program and is still 100% intent on and committed to achieving elite performance in soccer.

For those joining the Academy Junior Football Program at this point for the first time, it is a challenge. The Pre-Pro is not for the faint hearted. It requires dedication, an implicit trust in the Coaches and a ready willingness to put yourself on the line; to be ready to be put through your paces.

Self-inflated views of performance by players and parents only obstruct progress so players here must be honest and open to constructive criticism. The Pre-Pro Program is for soccer players who could emerge on any stage. All Football Clubs need good players, so get ready for the tough intensity and put yourself in the running to be in the mix for a future in football. It takes hard work and determined concentration but the Pre-Pro coaches will give you the benefit of their expertise and skills to see you through.

Assessment is frequent and tailored in this category, so be ready to adapt to improving targets results and face reality.



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