Pre Academy

Ages 8-9-10 years  –  Sessions: 2 per week – 90 Minutes each

Time to start thinking as a little emerging football player. The Pre Academy player is passionate about football and chooses it above all other sports. It is chosen by the player, not the parent. He arrives at training with a smile and a real energy wanting to play. The sport is in his blood.

  • Players ready to train 2 x per week with all the mental commitment that takes.
  • Players ready to leave behind childhood friendship teams for more serious team commitment. The PreAcademy player will not let his team mates down.
  • Players keen to reach the selection process of the Academy following his instinct.
  • Players ready to interact with Professional Coaches.

In the PreAcademy course, we recognizes the need for the budding player to be challenged and stretched. Coaches will insist on a level of dedication and longer attention span. The Pre Academy soccer player must begin to adjust to the importance of concentration, of coping with winning and losing and flexibility in facing different challenges. The Pre Academy player is mentally and physically ready to be separated from the Basic Skills and ready to steer his course towards a disciplined approach to the sport without losing the passion that he thrives on in football.


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