Ages 17-18 years  –  Sessions: 4 per week

Time to take the challenge and see if you really have the professional mentality for football.

The Pro player is at a life turning point. Time to achieve his dream of being a real soccer player is running out and now it’s no longer a game – it’s a chosen way of life. Football is quite simply the central single dynamic driving force and the ongoing hunger to ‘make it’ as a soccer player is real. The Pro player should be strong, resilient, unafraid of criticism and ready to listen to the real professionals in Soccer. Typically a Pro player may have encountered many obstacles over the years on the football path, such as non-selection into the limited Elite channels, periods of injury, slower growth rate, poor coaching and poor performance. These frustrations now need to be left aside and the Pro player needs to trust his Pro Coach.

The Pro Program will address and target the specific characteristics of each of the soccer players in this category. The Pro program is for talented football players needing the detail, the attention, the edge, the knowledge, and the experienced methodology to improve all aspects of the older soccer player. Pro players will be monitored physiologically using a the system similar to that used by the Serie A teams for more than 10 years to assess fitness health and defects. Academy Junior nurtures and prepares the Pro player to fulfil his dreams and needs.

The number of training sessions which the Pro player must attend has to increase radically. He must be attending minimum 4 times per week and must be prepared for trainings to be tough.

The Pro Player must now be living his week oriented around his football. Study needs to be done but football cannot be in second place. The Pro player lives his week solely to arrive at the match in perfect condition both physically and mentally.

The Pro Player has certain characteristics: he is mature enough to accept decisions such as being on the bench; he is open minded enough to be separated from family more often even for long stretches of time if he is selected to go overseas; he is able to adapt to new situations whether it be earning his place in the team or accepting radical change in his life to be able to further his soccer. He is independent and ready for a career in football.


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