Basic Skills

Ages 5-6-7 years  –  Sessions: 1 or 2 per week – 90 minutes each

Tailored for 5 to 8 year olds who wish to learn all the important basic skills of soccer in a dynamic and exciting way. This is the foundation of the Youth Sector.

At the Piccoli Amici stage, it is very important that players learn agility, balance and coordination during this stage of their development. Developing coordination objectives and improving basic and applied motor skills, helps to build their self-confidence, learning aptitude, and passion for the sport, which will carry forward in their development pathway. Players are not only trained in many essential soccer skills, but they are also exposed to the fundamentals of tactics.

A core part of the program is educational, instilling basic principles such as punctuality, self-discipline and preparation as well as concepts of fair play and co-operation.

This educational component is a key part of our ethos and is an excellent preparation for the players’ later years.

Milan Basic Skills

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