Advanced Academy

Ages 12-13-14 years  –  Sessions: 3 per week

Players will deepen their understanding of The European approach to Technique and Tactics.

This intensive Advanced Program aims to improve players 12 years old and older. At this stage of development, the curriculum minimally requires 3 sessions of training per week to achieve optimal performance

This post-puberty phase is not only critical for enhancing core stability with all sessions containing elements of conditioning capacity, but is also increasingly important from a mental perspective as players must significantly improve their concentration and demonstrably take greater responsibility on and off the field.


The evolution of football in recent years means that the faster rhythm impacts on the technical elements of the game. Players need to heighten their awareness of the game showing wise and considered responses without compromising on precision, speed and accurate delivery. It is expected that players in this section no longer operate alone, but quickly extrapolate critical information from situations presented on the pitch making informed but creative decisions adapted to each unique moment and player.

Coaches are skilled at identifying the best position for the player allowing him to reach and express his maximum potential which can change the future career of any aspiring football player.


European tactics are the bread and butter of all aspiring players and this period of time must coincide with an improvement of the interpretation of various different systems of play. In essence, players have to take a step up, moving out of the comfort zone of one well-rehearsed system of play, and instead confront and interpret accurately and dynamically all positions on the pitch related to any specific type of system. Academy Junior will help you discover the advantages and disadvantages of all systems of play.


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